About Us

About Us

TECHNOGRADE - web design studio which offers owners of business online a line of products and services which improves presence of their shop at the Internet. Established in 1997, TECHNOGRADE concentrated on projecting and developing templates of electronic commerce and modules which will help many companies, both people save time and the money operating their store cart. Using last methods, TECHNOGRADE helps owners of business as you to make the site more visually addressing, doing it is more friendly to the user and it is easier to spend.

For owners of business who want a possible way to update their design of a site, TECHNOGRADE offers ready decisions for a template. Templates - files of the store cart which change a sight of the store cart, without changing its functionality. Using templates TECHNOGRADE, you can receive absolutely new, high design of influence without the added cost of hiring of your own graphic designer and-or the developer.

For those who already has design in a kind, TECHNOGRADE can help to build in projects functional templates of the store cart. With our skilled staff we offer the decision for the full service, beginning with judgement of design, before performance of functionality of the store cart on your site. Please, write us for большего quantities of details about services which we offer. Study, as TECHNOGRADE can help you with your business. If you have any questions on our products and service, please contact us.

Our Team


Kopytin Ivan Vasilevich

The leading designer of company Technograde Phone in Vladivostok 423 220-37-55
Was born in 1960 in Primorski Territory. I live in Vladivostok. Higher education engineering. Mechanical faculty FETU, 1982, Vladivostok. Vocational education. Computer graphics in MHTU of Bauman. 1990, Moscow.
Worked as the designer in the organizations of Vladivostok. Institute of problems of sea technologies 1998. АРС 1992. ACFES 1993. AG Group 2002. Ochkarik 2003. B Business a C 2003. System ART 2004. A C of 2004 leading designer Technograde.


Kopytina Ekaterina Bronislavovna

The leading programmer of company Technograde. Phone in Vladivostok 423 220-37-55
Was born in 1961 in Vladivostok. I live in Vladivostok. Higher education mathematical. Applied mathematics and programming, FESU, 1985, Vladivostok.
Worked as the programmer in the organizations of Vladivostok. Institute of automatics DVNTS 1984. Staff Pacific Fleet the VTR 1987. Since 1998 leading programmer Technograde.

The address:
690087 Russia
Vladivostok Primorski Kray
Balyaeva Street, 56 app. 24

Company website: http://technograde.ru


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TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number)

Kopytin Ivan Vasilevich
Kopytina Ekaterina Bronislavovna