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You should read the following Policy carefully. Your purchase or use of our products mean that you have read and have accepted this Policy. Conditions of this Policy are intended as directing lines and not intended to be settling. Basically, actions which break the law, regulation, or the accepted norms of Internet community, whether are forbidden obviously mentioned in this Policy. TECHNOGRADE reserves the right always to forbid actions which damage its commercial reputation and goodwill.

Our web site grants to you the non-exclusive limited license to use web templates and other products sold through our web site according to these Positions and conditions ("license") let out TECHNOGRADE


You may be granted a One Time Usage License in case of purchasing a website template. It enables you to use each individual product on a single website only, belonging to either you or your client. You have to purchase the same template again if you to use the same design in connection with another or other projects;

 You can't place any of our products which changed or have been not changed, on a diskette, CD, a web site or any other carrier, and to offer it for redistribution or any kind resale without preliminary written consent from our company.

You can't сублицензировать, appropriate, or transfer this license for someone else without preliminary written consent from TECHNOGRADE

d) POSSESSION       
 You can't demand intellectual or exclusive possession to any of our products which changed or have been not changed. All products - property of independent providers of a content. Our products are provided, "as" without any kind guarantee, or expressed or meant. There will be no our legal person at all responsible for any losses including, but not limited, direct, indirect, special, unforeseen either indirect losses or other losses resulting from use or inability to use our products.


It is known that website creation requires a lot of means, skills and energy. And if you are unfamiliar with HTML and CSS or just wish to save your time, our website templates are the perfect solution for you. TECHNOGRADE has created this collection of free web templates for you and regardless whether you are a newbie or a professional webmaster or designer you will still find them useful. They will also help you to evaluate the quality of our products, get a feel for things and try your skills before purchasing. So don`t hesitate to view and download these high quality templates free of charge for your education and use, but please note there are conditions and limitations associated with using these free website templates.

For example you are not allowed to use these free sample templates with commercial purposes (including but not limited to selling them, using them as your online stores or including them into your portfolios). You also may not install them and use as your own websites and projects. All free samples are presented here with a trial purpose solely and are for your personal use only.

Products TECHNOGRADE can be used only in the lawful purposes. Transfer, distribution or storage of any material to infringement of any law in force or regulation are forbidden. It includes, without restriction a material protected by the copyright, a trade mark, a trade secret or other intellectual property right used without appropriate authorization, and a material which is obscene, discrediting, makes inadmissible threat, or breaks laws on control over export. We will be unique arbitrators of that makes infringement of this condition provided that all such definitions should be made reasonably honesty founded on the law in force, regulation and the accepted norms of Internet community.

 As our templates - the non-material goods, we don't let out compensation after the product is put. Please, make sure that you carefully considered ' the Sources Accessible ' (under section ' details ' each template) to guarantee that you understand that is put with a template.

Consumer purchase can be suspended for manual check of antiswindle. Antiswindle check occurs because of growing number of transactions of swindle from people who aren't actual owners of credit cards of the credit cards used during purchase.

Infringements of safety of system or network safety are forbidden, and can lead to a criminal liability and a civil liability. Examples include, but aren't limited by the following: Unapproved access, use, probe, or scanning of system safety or measures in authentification, the data or the traffic. An interference with service to any user, knot or a network including, without restriction, bombardment by mail, avalanche mailing, considers attempts to overload system and широковещательно to transfer attacks, falsification of any heading of package IP TCP or any part of the information of heading in the electronic letter or registration of group of news.

It is infringement for any to place the information, or to include programs on Internet space has provided through services TEHNOGRAD which use excessive throughput, processor time or memory space.

Nobody should place the illegal or discrediting information on the person without their consent, purposely causing emotional disaster, or breaking trade marks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights.

When TECHNOGRADE learns prospective infringement of the rules of comprehensible behavior, TECHNOGRADE will initiate research. At this time TECHNOGRADE can limit the Client access to prevent further possible unapproved action. Depending on gravity of infringement TECHNOGRADE, under own discretion, can limit, suspend, or finish the account of the Client and-or pursue other civil means. If such infringement is a criminal offense TECHNOGRADE will notify corresponding law-enforcement department concerning such infringement. TECHNOGRADE doesn't let out credits of service for any switching-off of an electricity suffered by means of deducing out of operation of service, the following from Policy infringements.

You agree to protect, compensate and contain safe TECHNOGRADE, including all employees and partners, from and against all requirements, actions or requirements, settlements of debts, including without restriction, reasonable legal payments for the account which as assume, followed from your use of a site, services TEHNOGRAD or your infringement of this agreement. Our company reserves the right to change or change this Policy without the previous notice